Factory Refurbished POD Studio KB37

UPC: LIN-O-880730325-BSK

POD® Studio KB37 combines the stunning sound of POD Farm™ plug-in with a powerful and versatile USB interface and 37-key MIDI controller.

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Essential to the success of countless platinum-selling albums, these immortal Line 6 guitar, bass and effects tones are now available for recording guitarists.  POD Farm, The Premium Tone Plug-in POD Farm plug-in features the sounds of the sought-after vintage essentials and must-have modern monsters necessary for a pro-sounding recording. It includes 18 immortal guitar amps Models, 24 guitar cabs, 5 bass amps and 5 bass cabs, 29 essential stompbox and studio effects. Drag and drop models into the signal flow, pre or post amplifier. The carousel-style gear browser, displaying each and every coveted model Plus, get your free FX Junkie model pack and add 35 more effect models including synths, filters, delays, and more to POD Farm! KB37, the Lowest Noise for the Clearest Recordings KB37 boasts the lowest noise for recording guitar, 12dB more dynamic range than similar interfaces, for clear and dynamic recordings. Plus, exclusive Line 6 ToneDirect™ monitoring virtually eliminates latency allowing you to record with amp and effect modeling and without sacrificing tone or feel. Half rock-solid guitar interface, half feature-packed MIDI controller, KB37 is as versatile as it is powerful. It features 37 full-sized velocity-sensitive keys, a pitch bend wheel, octave up/down buttons and a set of software-assignable controls. Start Recording Right Out of the Box POD Studio KB37 includes POD Farm plug-in, Ableton® Live Lite Line 6 Studio Edition 16-track recording software ideal for guitarists, and award-winning Reason Adapted production software featuring a sought-after sequencer and tons of stunningly lifelike instruments. This collection of studio-standard hardware and software provides instant pro recording, right out of the box.


Keyboard and control surface details:

    • 37-key, full-sized, velocity-sensitive keyboard
    • Pitch bend wheel
    • Octave up/down

Software-assignable controls:

    • Modulation wheel
    • Sound select next/previous
    • 5x transport buttons
    • 4x buttons
    • 4x knobs


    • 2x XLR mic preamp inputs with +48V phantom power and trim knobs
    • 2x 1/4-inch stereo line inputs
    • 1/4-inch instrument input with -10 dB pad input for instruments with high gain output
    • 1/4-inch stereo monitor input
    • 2x 1/4-inch footswitch jacks (software-assignable for sending MIDI commands to recording software (start/stop, punch in/out, etc.)
    • 1/4-inch expression pedal jack (software-assignable for controlling GearBox wah, volume or sending MIDI to recording programs)


    • S/PDIF stereo output (RCA-type)
    • 1/4-inch balanced line outputs with master volume knob
    • 1/4-inch headphones output with independent volume knob

Computer Interface:

  • USB bus-powered with LED status indicator
  • USB 1.1 & 2.0 compatible
  • Rock Solid ASIO, WDM and Mac® OS X driver
A list of support manuals can be found at http://line6.com/support.