Tone Core DSP Developer Kit

UPC: LIN-O-990430001

DSP programmers: develop your own effects
Price: $199.99
DSP programmers: develop your own effects It is a special Line 6 Developer ToneCore Dock, which in addition to containing the Freescale Symphony audio DSP, audio circuitry and ToneCore Module docking slot, can be connected directly to a PC via USB. The ToneCore Programmable Module is customizable and stores DSP code in the FLASH memory of the on-board Freescale microcontroller. DSP code development is performed on the PC and then a programming tool is used to FLASH the MCU with the new DSP code through the Developer ToneCore Dock. Kit contains: 1 ToneCore Programmable Module 1 Developer ToneCore Dock 1 USB cable Download directions for the software tools System requirements Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later x86 processor running at 500 MHz 128 MB of RAM 16 MB of disk space
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